personal stylistHello!

I’m so happy that you have stopped by Conscious Capsule!  I’m Brenda, and this is where I share my journey with my capsule wardrobe, style inspiration tips, and personal stories from real women who have begun the transformation of creating lean conscious closets.

My motto currently is: less is more.

Beginning a conscious capsule wardrobe was the key that unlocked a whole new way of approaching personal style.  My capsule wardrobe reflects my own personal style & personal growth.  Since I’m no longer shopping all of the time, wasting money, or whining, “I have nothing to wear”, while staring at a closet full of clothes, I now make the conscious choice to have more time to pursue my faith, make memories with family & friends, and contribute to my world by helping other women find contentment with themselves.

Trying a capsule wardrobe for the first time in 2015 changed my life in an un-expected way by also kick-starting me into doing a little soul searching on why buying things wasn’t making me truly happy, in fact I never arrived at the place that these magical purchases promised that I would.  And, what was I really planning on doing with all of this accumulated stuff if it wasn’t going to bring me joy?

Please follow along with my journey, while I learn how to make conscious decisions about my wardrobe.  My hope is that I will be an encouragement to you!