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Re-style Story – Confidence Found

There are a few key elements that are important to have during your capsule planning session.  The first is choosing style words, which help you to focus on what overall look that you are going for.  For Amy, she chose:  classic, attractive, and comfortable.

Another element that will make the versatility of your capsule multiply by 100 is choosing a couple of silhouettes that you feel your best in.

Choosing style words and silhouettes may seem a little daunting, but with the guidance of someone who asks the right questions, it becomes an eye-opening process.

Remember!  A capsule wardrobe is for a pre-determined amount of time.  My personal comfy zone is three months time.  Think winter-spring-summer-fall.  This allows me to experiment a little more with fashion.  Some people may prefer to go six months without changing things up.  Some might prefer a year.  When I work with clients, we do a three month capsule because it is do-able and not scary.

So, for three months Amy agreed to follow her style words, her silhouettes, and also a color palette.

Her color palette was easy because she already knew exactly what colors brought her joy to wear.  These were the colors that  she felt comfortable and attractive in.  Remember, Amy had a strong sense of personal style and what she liked and did not like to wear.

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What is a capsule wardrobe?

Since I started this blog, I get asked a lot what a capsule wardrobe is. I’ll give you my version of the definition for it right here:

A capsule wardrobe is a carefully edited group of items that bring you joy, are simple to mix and match, and are chosen for a pre-determined period of time.

Some capsule wardrobe enthusiasts choose a number such as the lovely creator of Project 333 (33 items for 3 months), or 37 pieces total for a season like Un-fancy.  Some capsule wardrobers challenge themselves to wear a certain number of pieces for a few weeks, like Style This Life’s #20itemsfor21days Instagram challenge.

And why would anyone go through the trouble to edit their clothes and arrange such a thing?  The capsule cheerleaders report that it breathes peace into their life.  Living with less brings less stress and more happiness.  You’ll have more time and money for what really matters.  Finding contentment in your wardrobe breaks the cycle of spending way to much money following trends and making expensive fashion mistakes.  It’s a creative outlet.  It opens more doors to seek a minimalist approach to other areas of your life.

I absolutely agree with what they say!  I’ve done it myself, and will NEVER go back to the way that I viewed my closet or my clothes again.

Another thing that I like about having a capsule wardrobe is that it’s mine.  That means my rules.  If I want to pick a number of clothing, I can.  If I want to decide that I’m not going to buy fast fashion anymore, but instead only thrift, I can.  If I want to try an all-seasons capsule, I will.  And with each new thing that I try, I learn something new.  Every.  Time.

If you are thinking about trying a capsule wardrobe, then you should.  Set your own rules and go for it!  Here are the things that you want to determine before you begin:

  1. Do you need to purge your closet first?
  2. Are you going to try to work with what you have, or do you have a budget to buy basics that you might need?
  3. Do you want to set a specific number goal?  (Ex. 30 – 50 items?)
  4. Will your capsule be seasonal?  Will you rotate clothes in and out or wear your clothes year round?
  5. Do you need to find ideas that will help you mix and match so that you don’t get bored? (subscribe to my blog, search pinterest, ask a veteran for help)

These are the basics to get you started.  If you don’t think that you can do this alone and you want support and help then you can always work with me!  I have a service where I come to your house and help you create a capsule wardrobe.   Choosing silhouettes that flatter your figure, colors that speak to you, and having enough options for your lifestyle are also very important when planning a capsule wardrobe.  A veteran capsule wardrobe enthusiast can help you have the most success because they’ve done the research.  It’s not necessary, but it’s so helpful!

Mini-capsule wardrobe packing for a short trip

When we planned a trip to Tennessee for six days, I was very excited to test out my capsule wardrobe on a smaller scale.  So, I did a little planning session on a post-it note.  These are some of the notes that I wrote:

  • 1 dressy outfit for dinner
  • 1 outfit for hiking
  • Coat!  Finally!
  • Layers
  • Comfy driving clothes


Here’s my packing list for 6 days:

  1. long grey dress
  2. 2 t-shirts
  3. striped long sleeve shirt
  4. white button down shirt
  5. pull-over sweater
  6. sweatshirt
  7. long cardigan
  8. jean jacket
  9. 3 pairs of shoes
  10. 1 scarf, 2 pairs of earrings, 1 belt, tights, and a necklace

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How to style a dress 12 different ways (part2)

style tips

12 ways to style 1 dress

I’ve shared with you that I challenged myself to style the same dress twelve different ways, but I haven’t exactly told you why.

Here’s why.  I was seven months into capsule wardrobing, and really getting the hang of things.  I had my well-thought out, pared down closet that included key pieces that went with everything.  But, something inside of me was itching to find out how far I could push the theory of a basic wardrobe necessity.  I kid-you-not that I arbitrarily chose the number twelve because of the twelve days of Christmas.  (It was December after all.)  Once I chose that number, it was game on!  And, if you make it to the end of series I’ll share with you everything that I learned.  It is guaranteed to surprise you!

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How to style a dress 12 different ways (part 1)

If you missed the introduction, please visit 12 Days of a Dress so that you can get caught up on what’s going on here.  Now, I’m sure you have a few questions concerning this challenge, so let me get these out of the way.  By the way, these are real questions that I was asked by my family and friends (in real life, so they are legit!)

  1. Are you actually wearing this dress every day?  Hate to burst your bubble, but NO.  I wore the dress 8 out of 12 times.  I’m also a stay-at-home-mom so I didn’t need to leave the house every day.
  2. Did you wash the dress?  I washed it and line dried it every weekend.  Yes, this gal sweats, and thank you for asking instagram follwer.
  3. Why are you doing the dress thingy?  It began as a personal challenge, and turned into a tool to help empower women on how to be creative with a basic dress, and not feel like they have nothing to wear.
  4. Will you do it again?  Absolutely.
  5. Did you photograph yourself every day?  Nope.  My eleven year old daughter graciously shot these photos in front of our house on two different days.  She rocks!

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