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Re-style Story – Confidence Found

There are a few key elements that are important to have during your capsule planning session.  The first is choosing style words, which help you to focus on what overall look that you are going for.  For Amy, she chose:  classic, attractive, and comfortable.

Another element that will make the versatility of your capsule multiply by 100 is choosing a couple of silhouettes that you feel your best in.

Choosing style words and silhouettes may seem a little daunting, but with the guidance of someone who asks the right questions, it becomes an eye-opening process.

Remember!  A capsule wardrobe is for a pre-determined amount of time.  My personal comfy zone is three months time.  Think winter-spring-summer-fall.  This allows me to experiment a little more with fashion.  Some people may prefer to go six months without changing things up.  Some might prefer a year.  When I work with clients, we do a three month capsule because it is do-able and not scary.

So, for three months Amy agreed to follow her style words, her silhouettes, and also a color palette.

Her color palette was easy because she already knew exactly what colors brought her joy to wear.  These were the colors that  she felt comfortable and attractive in.  Remember, Amy had a strong sense of personal style and what she liked and did not like to wear.

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Re-style Story – Misplaced Confidence

Today, I am really looking forward to introducing you to another Amy.

When Amy and I met, she was somewhat familiar with capsule wardrobes.  She believed that less is more and wanted her closet to reflect that choice.  She didn’t like to have “stuff” if it’s not being used.

Amy has a strong sense of personal style, and has for as long as she can remember.  She can tell you about specific outfits that she wore and loved in the 90’s.  She has great memories of trading clothes back and forth with her two sisters to help keep her closet fresh.  She knows her brands, and how to look for clothes that are made with quality in mind.  She follows certain fashion rules such as no white after Labor Day, your shoes should always match your bag, cotton and linen in the summer and cashmere and wool in the winter, floral prints should only be worn in Spring, and having church-only clothes that only are worn to church.

There is nothing wrong with these classic rules, but fashion rules are meant to be broken after you have a deep understanding of them.  So, needless to say, Amy and I had a lot of laughs during our sessions.  She clearly had a deep understanding of them so I was convinced that she needed to break a few just for fun.

Here is Amy, before we began her closet make-over.

The past few years have been rough for Amy, and she hasn’t had the freedom to reflect on her personal style or her clothing because she has been going through the devastation of a divorce.  It has consumed her life and she has used all of her energy to be strong for her children, leaving her with very little to absolutely no time to even think about her outward appearance, not even for a minute.

After Amy reached out to me because she wanted to have less and be happy having less,  I saw that her clothes were beautiful and she was beautiful, but her confidence had been misplaced.  I knew that if Amy worked through the task of purging her clothes and putting together a selection of clothes that brought her joy to wear, that she could re-cover her lost confidence and once again feel beautiful and confident.

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Re-style Stories: No longer deafeated wrap-up

re-style story

When creating a capsule wardrobe, it is important to choose several silhouettes that you feel confident wearing.  The reason why you take the time to choose silhouettes when planning a capsule wardrobe is so that you will have greater flexibility in mixing and matching your outfits, because they will all “magically” work well together.  Simple, huh?

I showed you one silhouette that we chose for Amy during the last post.  Another silhouette that we chose for Amie was an a-line skirt, fitted top, and cropped jacket.  Her cropped jean jacket is perfect to put over this outfit, and completes the put-together look.  We don’t need to own very many jackets in Florida, but a light-weight jean jacket is a timeless staple that every woman should have in her closet.  For Amie’s figure, a cropped jacket lengthens her bottom proportion, and defines her waist.

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Re-style Story: No longer defeated

For the first part of Amie’s story, read here.

We took Amie’s lifestyle into consideration when designing her capsule wardrobe.  Since Amie is a stay-at-home mom she needed quite a few casual and comfortable looks.  One silhouette that we chose for her was a loose comfortable top with a fitted bottom.  We also made sure that she could always add a third piece like a cropped jacket, necklace or scarf to instantly have a more put-together look.  She had this beautiful black jacket in her closet, which is a little playful twist on the basic black blazer.  But, since her tops are mostly plain, the jacket was perfect to go over anything and added an element of playfulness, which was one of her style words.

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Re-style Story: Defeated

This re-style story is dedicated to the women who feel defeated by their closet.

Meet Amie, before her closet make-over.  Amie was constantly feeling defeated by her closet.  She had plenty of good quality pieces to choose from, but hardly felt confident that her wardrobe reflected her style or that her clothes flattered her body.  She desired to get rid of the excess in her closet, but didn’t know what should stay and what should go.  She found herself only wearing about 10-20% of her clothes.

Does this sound familiar?  I bet there are many women who have these exact feelings about their wardrobe.  According to articles like this, this, and this one, most women only wear 20% of their closet, while the rest remains untouched, yet looming and reminding us of their presence.  Clothes that no longer fit, or never fit right to begin with, clothes that need mended, clothes that were once trendy, clothes that were on sale or that cost too much to get rid of are all clothes that make us feel guilty.  Why do we allow this to take place in our lives on a daily basis?  I mean, we open the door or drawer every day and remind ourselves of these feelings, and expect to feel good about getting dressed?  No wonder we feel defeated before even getting dressed. 

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Writing my about page / Re-style stories

Have you ever had someone ask you, “What do you do?”  It’s not very easy to answer.  Women are multi-faceted, multi-tasking maniacs.  I can be three people, accomplishing three different goals all at the same time.  I’m mommy, teacher, wife all of the time.  That button never gets turned off.  And, I’m designer (business number one) and now personal stylist (business number two) part-time.  Oh, and let’s not forget keeper of all family scheduling knowledge, follower of Christ, goat farmer, avid reader, creative thinker…

Where do you begin to answer that question without looking like a crazy person?  In all honesty, I usually give the brief answer that impresses the most, depending on who I’m around.  Don’t we all?

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