Re-style Story: No longer defeated

For the first part of Amie’s story, read here.

We took Amie’s lifestyle into consideration when designing her capsule wardrobe.  Since Amie is a stay-at-home mom she needed quite a few casual and comfortable looks.  One silhouette that we chose for her was a loose comfortable top with a fitted bottom.  We also made sure that she could always add a third piece like a cropped jacket, necklace or scarf to instantly have a more put-together look.  She had this beautiful black jacket in her closet, which is a little playful twist on the basic black blazer.  But, since her tops are mostly plain, the jacket was perfect to go over anything and added an element of playfulness, which was one of her style words.

Amie discovered that with a capsule wardrobe she is not overwhelmed or frustrated choosing clothes for the day because she knows that she only has good pieces that she feels good in to choose from.

3 Piece Rule

One thing Amie learned through this experience was the 3-piece rule.  The 3-piece rule is simply adding a 3rd piece onto your top and bottom.  The third piece can be a statement necklace, a scarf, a blazer, a vest, a hat, a belt, a cardigan…(shoes are not included).

This was one of the many casual looks that Amie can pull from her closet.  Her outfit meets all of her style words:  simple, comfortable, and playful.   Next time, Amie will be wearing a dressy look.  Check back for more style tips and the conclusion of how Amie feels about her wardrobe now!

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