12 Days of a Dress



Hello!  I’m beginning this blog with a challenge that I gave myself to see if I could style the same dress 12 different ways.  What began as a personal challenge turned into a way to educate women on how to create multiple looks with the same dress.   It turned out to be a starting point for conversations with women about fast fashion, basic wardrobe essentials, finding a dress that suits your figure, and many more thoughtful conversations.

Here were the parameters that I gave myself for choosing the right dress:

  1. The fabric of the dress must be able to be dressed up or down.
  2. The fit of the dress had to be basic, and have short sleeves.
  3. I preferred a bit of an a-line drape because of my figure.
  4. The dress needed to have a texture.
  5. The dress needed to land slightly above the knee.
  6. I wanted a burgandy (red, wine, etc..) dress to wear throughout the holidays.
  7. I wanted a well-made dress that I could keep in my closet through all of the seasons.

Without further ado, I present the dress!


12 ways to style 1 dress


12 ways to style 1 dress


I purchased the burgandy lace dress from Madewell.  It is currently on sale, and was also on sale when I purchased it in December.

I am very pleased with everything that I learned about styling a basic dress, and I definitely learned a lot more than I expected.  Over the next few posts, I will share with you what I learned.  I bet that you will be surprised!

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