How to Style a Dress 12 Different Ways – (part 3)

Here are the last four outfits that I styled with this one dress.  Just in case you are new to the party, this one dress was styled 12 different ways.  You can catch up by reading about the previous outfits here:

Part 1

Part 2

As I promised, I will be sharing about what I learned from this challenge, so stick with me until the end!

Look 9:  The proportions of this look work really well, and let me tell you why.  If you were to cut my body into 3 equal pieces (1/3’s), you would see that my top 1/3 is the chunky cream sweater, and my bottom 2/3 is the maroon dress and brown tights & boots.  In geometry this is called the golden mean, or the golden ratio.  I’ll go into this a little more in the future, but for now just know that math is everywhere, even in fashion.  Anytime you proportion 1/3 & 2/3 in this way with two colors, you’ll nail the look!

Look 10:  For an edgy look, add a leather jacket.  (Or a vegan leather jacket, which is what this is)  I’m saving up for a real leather jacket, but remember I told you that I was using what was in my capsule wardrobe, so I made it work.  I opted for black trainers because 1.) they look cool.  2.) I was going to Target.  This was one of my most comfortable looks because I always feel confident in a faux-leather jacket, and I actually was comfortable in the Nike trainers.  Very plain, neutral shoes like these work well with dresses.  But, it’s the jacket/shoes combo that help to pull this edgy look off.

12 ways to style 1 dress

Look 11:  Now we are moving into the final two outfits that I wore to holiday parties.  The whole reason I choose a red/maroon/burgandy dress for this challenge was because it was December!  Isn’t the dress lovely just by itself?  I could’ve showed this look first, but wanted to save it for the finale.  The dress looks sooooo fancy with a simple pair of black pumps, a sparkly statement necklace, and a vintage beaded evening bag.  I was SO happy with this look.

Look 12:  Before you start thinking that I got tired of the dress and chopped the bottom of the dress off,  that did not happen!  I slipped a skirt on over the dress.  It looks completely different this way, doesn’t it?  So chic.  Same black pumps, necklace, and bag as look 11.  I did that on purpose, because I wanted you to see how these accessories transferred right over to this look easily.  Just so I’m being transparent about the skirt, I pulled it out of my separate special occasion section of my closet where I keep a few pieces for when I need to be extra dressy.  I wore this skirt for my 20th anniversary in 2015.  It’s the only piece that technically wasn’t in my capsule wardrobe.

So, I’ll end with this idea:  Play with your clothes.  Layer them in unexpected ways.  Tie them around your waist for a belt.  Or, wear a belt over them.  Wear sneakers with fancy lace dresses.  You may find a new way to feel free with your clothes.  I know that I learned a lot by experimenting with putting these 12 looks together, which brings me to the list of what I learned.

What I learned from this challenge:

  1. I still like the burgundy lace dress.
  2. If my house caught on fire, I’d grab the dress.  That’s how much I still like it.
  3. Using clothing and accessories in unexpected ways makes me feel pinworthy.
  4. To look stylish I don’t need a bunch of choices hanging in my closet, just a few really awesome ones.
  5. I want to do the challenge again with another dress in the spring of 2016.
  6. I came up with way more then 12 looks, and had to pass on them because I thought that 12 would be the MAX.  I was so wrong on that assumption.  Can you believe it?

Long live the dress!


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