How to style a dress 12 different ways (part2)

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12 ways to style 1 dress

I’ve shared with you that I challenged myself to style the same dress twelve different ways, but I haven’t exactly told you why.

Here’s why.  I was seven months into capsule wardrobing, and really getting the hang of things.  I had my well-thought out, pared down closet that included key pieces that went with everything.  But, something inside of me was itching to find out how far I could push the theory of a basic wardrobe necessity.  I kid-you-not that I arbitrarily chose the number twelve because of the twelve days of Christmas.  (It was December after all.)  Once I chose that number, it was game on!  And, if you make it to the end of series I’ll share with you everything that I learned.  It is guaranteed to surprise you!

Look 5:  Mixing patterns, mixing lace with flannel, mixing shades of red.  WHAT?!?  I can’t believe this outfit worked.  But, when I put it on I felt like a rock-star mom.  And, let me tell you that I shredded the grocery store that day.  Trader Joe’s has never been the same.  I have always been a fan of tying a shirt around my waist, even when I don’t ever plan on putting the shirt on.  It’s a sneaky way to belt and define your waist.  Besides, I totally look like I might wear that flannel later.

12 ways to style 1 dress

Look 6:  Trench coat.  Classic staple.  Must have.  You can put a trench over anything and it instantly makes you look and feel important.  Everything that I did that day felt important.  The booties are back and let me tell you why I love these particular booties.  Because, I used to think taupe is boring, but I discovered that taupe goes with everything and THAT makes it very exciting!  I should also point out that the light color shoe elongates your legs.  How’s that for a tip?  That should warrant making it to your shopping list.

12 ways to style 1 dress

Look 7:  Monochromatic.  Another style tip if you want to elongate your figure is to keep it monochromatic.  Not only does it look chic, but it feels great too.  I felt very put-together in this look.

12 ways to style 1 dress

Look 8:  Leather jacket, vintage necklace, floppy hat, booties, and a tote.  Perfect ensemble for some shopping at the local outdoor market.  With my sunglasses on, I’m pretty sure nobody recognized me.  My covert mission to gather local goodies was a success!

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Did you learn any new styling tips?

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