Re-style Stories: No longer deafeated wrap-up

re-style story

When creating a capsule wardrobe, it is important to choose several silhouettes that you feel confident wearing.  The reason why you take the time to choose silhouettes when planning a capsule wardrobe is so that you will have greater flexibility in mixing and matching your outfits, because they will all “magically” work well together.  Simple, huh?

I showed you one silhouette that we chose for Amy during the last post.  Another silhouette that we chose for Amie was an a-line skirt, fitted top, and cropped jacket.  Her cropped jean jacket is perfect to put over this outfit, and completes the put-together look.  We don’t need to own very many jackets in Florida, but a light-weight jean jacket is a timeless staple that every woman should have in her closet.  For Amie’s figure, a cropped jacket lengthens her bottom proportion, and defines her waist.

Amie likes to wear blues and greys.  Those are the colors that she feels most confident in.  So, you’ll notice that her outfit from a previous post, and this one have the same color palette.  Having a color palette makes a capsule wardrobe’s ability to mix and match more effective. (We’ll go a little more in-depth with color palette’s in our next Re-style Story.)

Another thing that I would like to mention about Amie’s outfit is her metallic sandals.  Metallic shoes will go with everything.  If you are looking for the fashion tip in this post, that was it!  And, it’s another simple yet strategic strategy.  Metallic sandals, wedges, lace-ups, heels, and tennis shoes will always win over the black vs. brown debate because they go with everything.  So, if you are looking to maximize the versatility of a pair of shoes then choose metallic.   Not to mention, they add texture because they are shiny.  Adding texture to an outfit also adds interest.

Metallic shoes will go with everything.

re-style story

Remember when I shared with you that Amie loathed clothes shopping?  Well, Amie no longer loathes clothes shopping because she now knows what looks good on her, and how to shop for specific pieces that will add to her capsule.  She is no longer stuck in the rut of just buying more tops when she shops, thinking she is adding to her wardrobe, when she is actually adding future stress.

She feels like there are so many outfits to be made from her smaller wardrobe and it is no longer overwhelming to choose clothes for the day.

It makes me so happy that this simple service has made one woman who was feeling defeated by her closet now feel liberated.  Amy told me, “Anyone who is struggling with choosing what to wear would benefit from this,” and I sincerely hope that if her re-style story sounds like you that you now feel encouraged to find a way to not feel defeated by your closet anymore.

As always, you can contact me with questions about my services or if you would like to participate in a future re-style story.

Please comment below with questions or issues that you would like to read about.  I have a list that I’m working my way through, but if you comment then I’ll most likely bump that to the top of the list. ; )


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