Re-style Story – Confidence Found

There are a few key elements that are important to have during your capsule planning session.  The first is choosing style words, which help you to focus on what overall look that you are going for.  For Amy, she chose:  classic, attractive, and comfortable.

Another element that will make the versatility of your capsule multiply by 100 is choosing a couple of silhouettes that you feel your best in.

Choosing style words and silhouettes may seem a little daunting, but with the guidance of someone who asks the right questions, it becomes an eye-opening process.

Remember!  A capsule wardrobe is for a pre-determined amount of time.  My personal comfy zone is three months time.  Think winter-spring-summer-fall.  This allows me to experiment a little more with fashion.  Some people may prefer to go six months without changing things up.  Some might prefer a year.  When I work with clients, we do a three month capsule because it is do-able and not scary.

So, for three months Amy agreed to follow her style words, her silhouettes, and also a color palette.

Her color palette was easy because she already knew exactly what colors brought her joy to wear.  These were the colors that  she felt comfortable and attractive in.  Remember, Amy had a strong sense of personal style and what she liked and did not like to wear.

This is what Amy chose:

2 neutral colors – black, brown

3 main colors – white, grey, blues

1 accent color – army green

You’ll notice that all of Amy’s colors complement each other.  This is a good thing!

Take a look at Amy’s silhouette.  It is a fitted top with a straight leg pant.  (She also chose a boot leg pant to accompany her bottom portion- not shown here).  She has cinched the waist with a jean jacket, which is a little style-trick that we practiced, also known as the “three piece rule”.  She has classic jewelry on that accompanies her classic style.  Her harness boots are timeless, which lend a hand to her classic and attractive look.

When we purged Amy’s closet, all other colors of clothes that she still wanted to wear during another capsule collection were stored away.  So, after three months Amy can change her color palette, if she wants to, and pull from her assortment of clothes that we stored away.  My suggestion for this method is that after a year, if you still haven’t pulled a certain item to wear in any of your capsules, then this means it’s probably time to thank that item for being a part of your journey and let it go!

Next time we’ll see Amy’s second silhouette and hear about what Amy thought about the experience and what she learned through this process.  What do you think?  Does this woman look like she’s confident to you?  She looks like a fashion blogger to me!

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  1. Jennifer March 7, 2016

    Nailed it!


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