Re-style Story: Defeated

This re-style story is dedicated to the women who feel defeated by their closet.

Meet Amie, before her closet make-over.  Amie was constantly feeling defeated by her closet.  She had plenty of good quality pieces to choose from, but hardly felt confident that her wardrobe reflected her style or that her clothes flattered her body.  She desired to get rid of the excess in her closet, but didn’t know what should stay and what should go.  She found herself only wearing about 10-20% of her clothes.

Does this sound familiar?  I bet there are many women who have these exact feelings about their wardrobe.  According to articles like this, this, and this one, most women only wear 20% of their closet, while the rest remains untouched, yet looming and reminding us of their presence.  Clothes that no longer fit, or never fit right to begin with, clothes that need mended, clothes that were once trendy, clothes that were on sale or that cost too much to get rid of are all clothes that make us feel guilty.  Why do we allow this to take place in our lives on a daily basis?  I mean, we open the door or drawer every day and remind ourselves of these feelings, and expect to feel good about getting dressed?  No wonder we feel defeated before even getting dressed. 

I know this beautiful woman doesn’t look like someone feeling defeated by her closet.  But, I’m telling you that she did!  And, so many of us do!

Amie’s closet was full of clothing that she had hodge-podged together over the years.  Finding clothes that fit her well was a chore and she loathed shopping.  So, what she had to work with was a bunch of clothing that looked good on a hanger but didn’t fit well, or pieces that fit well but she didn’t know how to make them work for her.

When we met to flesh out what style Amie wanted to achieve with her wardrobe, she came up with these three style words:  simple, fun, and comfortable.  Let’s talk about these three words a little so that you can get a sense of what personal style she wanted to convey.

simple:  not fancy, not attention seeking, minimal, easy

fun:  playful, flirty, lovely

comfortable:  loose fabrics on top, modest, fit well

Amy did not have a budget for adding any new pieces into her closet.  We worked with what she already had by getting rid of the excess that wasn’t comfortable, and did not fit under her three style words.  If it didn’t fit, it went out!

She also just needed fashion tips and ideas to express how she felt inside and how to get that message across on the outside.  We put outfit combinations together for her that flattered her figure.  We chose several silhouettes that she could easily mix ‘n match the pieces together for any occasion.  We’ll talk more about this in the next post.

Click here if you want to read about Amie’s progress.  If you feel like you are ready to begin purging your closet and you would like help, contact me here.  If you would like to start the process yourself, I recommend reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.

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  1. Wendy February 4, 2016

    Wow. Inspiring and I can so relate.


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