Personal Styling Session

A personal styling session is for women wanting a style make-over.  We will be starting from ground zero, and exploring your lifestyle, your style goals, and your body shape to come up with a wardrobe that will bring you joy!  I will help you put together a capsule wardrobe that will last you one complete season, and you will know how to mix and match your clothing for any occasion.

A few reasons why a personal styling session is right for you:

  • You just recently went through a significant change in your life, and you want your clothes to reflect that change.
  • Your tired of saying that you have nothing to wear, while staring at a closet full of clothes.
  • You don’t feel like your clothes reflect who you are as a person, and you want to make that connection.
  • You simply want a change!


What you can expect:

  • You will have a clearer vision for your personal style
  • You will have a capsule closet that will last a season (3 months)
  • You will know how to mix and match your clothing to maximize looks
  • You will have a shopping list with items to re-place or add
  • You will know how to accessorize the outfits
  • You will learn tips on how to look put-together in an instant
  • You will be able to dress up or dress down your looks
  • You will know what to wear and when
  • You will have more joy getting dressed
  • You will feel confident in your clothes


Drop me a line to find out how to get started!